Hetitec services

Transforming the casting process

Hetitec’s unique casting service with in-house sand mold 3D printer makes it possible to receive cast parts as fast as within seven days. Our services include high-end casting simulations, production of cast parts and 3D printing service of molds and cores.

Casting simulations and castability consulting

Hetitec’s casting experts help you with the planning and castibility of the parts. We want to make sure that the casting is suitable for its intended use.

Making changes is easy, only the CAD data needs to be modified, so different versions of, for example, prototype castings can be manufactured easily.

Freedom in design speeds up prototyping projects and the time-to-market times will be reduced significantly. You can also reach savings in model storage costs because only the CAD data needs to be stored.

Prototypes and spare parts

Hetitec’s unique casting service with in-house sand mold 3D printer makes it possible to receive castings as fast as within seven working days.

Our products range from casting simulations to on-demand production of prototypes, spare parts, and even small series in various alloys. Our service includes diverse casting materials, such as aluminium, cast iron and steel.

Our own 3D printing unit combined with flexible casting services enables us to provide a wide range of high quality products with fast delivery. Casting partnership with Hetitec enables you to optimize your R&D performance and speed up prototyping projects remarkably.

3D printed molds and cores

Hetitec is also specialised in manufacturing molds and cores directly from CAD models. Our voxeljet VX1000 3D printer with a build area of 1 060 mm × 600 mm × 500 mm enables us to produce molds and cores for our customers extremely fast, even for the next day.

Our molds have various of diverse applications. Even the most complex geometries can be casted easily, without the need to watch out for undercuts. Sand molds can also be used for various other applications, for example laminating glass- or carbon fiber, concrete casting etc.

Complex 3D printed cores can be combined with the sand molding with traditional patterns. Several cores can also be combined into one core, thus improving the accuracy and reducing labor.