Step into the new era of castings

The future is here

Hetitec is specialized in extreme fast prototyping, spare parts and small series casting.

The more complicated the part and tighter the schedule, the more competitive Hetitec’s method is compared to the traditional methods.

Receive prototypes and spare parts even as fast as within seven days and with competitive pricing.

Transforming the casting processes

Hetitec services and benefits:

Casting simulations and castability consulting

Cast parts: prototypes, spare parts and small series

3D printed molds and cores

Get feedback on the castability of the parts

Ensure the quality of the parts with cast partnership

Receive your cast part as fast as in one working week

Competitive pricing with cost efficient solutions

Speed up prototyping and optimize R&D performance

Reduce the time-to-market

Hetitec service process

“There is a need for prototypes and Hetitecs 3D casting services offers fast production times and more cost-efficient solutions.”

– Large International Stock Company