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Hetitec Oy
Kurssikeskuksenkatu 11
33820 Tampere
+358 10 340 4106

Business ID: 2534363-2
VAT number: FI25343632

Hetitec, based in Tampere, offers professional and trustworthy service on a quick timetable. Our specialties are fast, high-quality castings formed with the help of 3D printing technology. In our unique production process, which uses 3D-printed sand molds and only the best materials, enables delivery of even large castings within seven days. 

Our other services include high-quality casting simulations and the production of casting parts, as well as 3D printing molds and cores. We are an official partner of voxeljet AG, an internationally operating German company.

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Ville Moilanen, International Sales

+358 103 404 106

Heikki Kantola, Chief Executive Officer

+358 103 404 107

Tuukka Kivi, Chief Operating Officer

+358 103 404 111


E-invoicing address: 003725343632
Operator: BAWCFI22 / Basware Oyj