Solutions for multiple situations

The more complicated the part and tighter the schedule, the more competitive Hetitec’s method is compared to the traditional tooling-based mold manufacturing methods and time consuming foundry services.

We work with several leading European companies from the fields of diesel motors, lifts, transfer gear and electric engines to pulp, paper and other process industry machines and devices, just to name a few.

Diesel motors

Castings for diesel engine manufacturers from product planning and prototype manufacturing to ready-to-install components.

Lifts and transfer gear

Various casting components for lifts and transfer gear, where the safety and functionality of the end product are essential.

Pulp, paper and process industry machines and devices

On-demand solutions for the various needs of process industries. Fast and flexible single piece and short series manufacturing.

Forest industry

High quality prototyping and spare parts for highly challenging industry. Engineering and casting services for forestry machinery manufacturers.